The following documents are a collection of audit programs obtained from various entities.  These documents are a resource to other auditors and are not intended to represent a complete list of all areas to be audited within your organization.  HASDIA does not attest to the accuracy or completness of these programs.  Modify the documents as needed for your organization.

Activity Fund Audit Program (Clear Creek ISD) (04/2009)

ADA & Other General ISD Procedures (Null-Lairson, PC) (09/2010)

Bank Reconciliation (San Jacinto College District) (05/2013)

Booster Club & PTO Tax-Exempt Program
(Cypress-Fairbanks ISD) (08/2011)

Compliance Rating Score Sheet (Clear Creek ISD) (04/2009)

Computer Asset Inventory Audit Program (Fort Bend ISD) (04/2009)

Conflict of Interest Program (Cypress-Fairbanks ISD) (08/2011)

Construction - Small Projects (Conroe ISD) (08/2011)

Contracts Administration Program (San Jacinto College District) (05/2013)

Employee Absences and Reporting Audit (Ector County ISD) (08/2011)

Employee Exit Processing (San Jacinto College District) (05/2013)

Facilities Rental (San Jacinto College District) (05/2013)

Fixed Asset Audit Program (Fort Bend ISD) (04/2009)

Fuel Usage Audit Program (San Jacinto College District) (08/2011)

Human Resources Salary Audit Program (Cy-Fair ISD) (08/2011)

Life Cycle Expenditures Program (Conroe ISD) (08/2011)

Maintenance Inventory Audit Program
(San Jacinto College District) (05/2013)

Maintenance Work Orders Audit Program
(San Jacinto College District) (05/2013)

Payroll Audit Program (Fort Bend ISD) (04/2009)

Payroll Changes Program (Cypress-Fairbanks ISD) (04/2009)

Payroll - Overtime & Supplemental Pay (Conroe ISD) (08/2011)

Payroll - Stipends Audit Program (Conroe ISD) (08/2011)

PCard (San Jacinto College District) (05/2013)

PEIMS Data Integrity (Fort Bend ISD) (04/2009)

Preliminary Review Program (Cypress-Fairbanks ISD) (04/2009)

Procurement Compliance (San Jacinto College District) (05/2013)

Purchasing Audit Program (Fort Bend ISD) (04/2009)

School Audit Program and Related Workpapers (Klein ISD) (05/2009)

School Financial Audit Program (Cypress-Fairbanks ISD) (08/2011)

Service Providers Contract Audit (Conroe ISD) (08/2011)

Transportation Audit Program (Spring ISD) (04/22/2014)

Travel Expenditures Audit (Cypress-Fairbanks ISD) (08/2011)

Travel Expenditures Audit (San Jacinto College District) (05/2013)

TRS Employer Audit (TRS Auditors) (03/05/2014)

Vehicle Management Audit (San Jacinto College District) (05/2013)

Warehouse Management (Fort Bend ISD) (04/2009)

Round Rock ISD's Internal Audit Department has generously allowed HASDIA to link to their audit programs on their district website.